The Rise of Mis-Sold Car Finance: What to Know

Have you ever driven off the lot in your new car feeling uneasy about the finance deal you just signed? You’re not alone. This article is a must read about the latest car finance claim. Mis-sold car finance is more common than you might think, and it happens when buyers are not given all the […]

Mis-Selling in Car Finance Deals

Ever walked out of a car dealership with keys in hand, but a little voice in your head whispering doubts? That’s the echo of mis-selling. Mis-selling in car finance isn’t about outright deceit (well, not always); it’s about those little omissions and glossy oversights that can lead you to a deal you wouldn’t sign if […]

The Risks of Mis-Sold PCP: What You Should Know

What’s a Mis-Sold PCP, Anyway? Ever walked out of a car dealership with a brand new car under a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, only to later feel like you might have misunderstood what you signed up for? That sinking feeling might be because you stumbled into a mis-sold PCP. Let’s unwrap what that actually […]