Have you been overcharged on car finance...

If you had finance between 2007 - 2021... Probably!

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You do not have to use a claims management company to pursue a claim. You can always contact the organisation directly and make use of the Financial Ombudsman Scheme if dissatisfied and should the claim be one which falls into their jurisdiction.

Why are people Claiming money back?

Millions of people have now submitted their car finance claims against the car finance companies. But why?

Since 2008 the finance providers have been giving the brokers and dealers the power to influence your interest rates in order to boost their own commission… This means in most cases you were paying higher FEES AND INTEREST than you should be!

How do you know if you were part of this?

I’m sure at the time you were told this is the best rate you can get? Or you would have likely gone elsewhere.

The first thing we would do is request some documents and information from your lender. This will give us an indication of weather you have been missold and then how much you are likely to get back.

The Types of claims we investigate

hidden Commissions

When you took out your agreement, its unlikely the broker disclosed how much they would receive... and there's a 95% chance it wasn't even declared on your paperwork.

This is against the FCA guidelines of transparency!

When we request the documents on your behalf, the lender legally has to provide the details of the commissions, this tells us just how much you paid to the broker without your knowledge!

Irresponsible lending

As a financially regulated lender, there is certain expectations on what checks must be completed before money can be lent out... Most brokers have not completing these checks.

This gives us grounds to claim back!

Once your documents are back, we'll know if this is the route likely to return the best outcome for you!

How to Qualify

To be eligible to make a claim for car finance, you must meet the following criteria:

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Claims powered with AI

  • Getting set up - 3 minutes

    Using our bespoke portal you will be able to quickly check if your lender is one of the finance companies we can claim against. You will then be generated a letter of authority and ask to upload your identification. This is what we need to request the information on your behalf. 


    You will now have access to our portal in order to track the progress of your claims and see exactly where you are up to 24/7. 

  • Waiting for the documents - 1 to 4 weeks

    We’ll request the necessary documents from your finance provider, under the data protection laws they have to make a response within 4 weeks. Some will return the docs in a matter of days, others will take 4 weeks. Some will even request an extension on top of the 4 weeks. 


    During this stage the lender may also come back requesting further information in order to find your file in the system, anything we need you will be able to upload directly to the portal. 

  • Assessing your case - 1 week

    Once we have received your documents we will assess them in detail to determine the merits in the case and estimate the potential value. We’ll then decide based on the claim type, value and lender which of our legal partners will be the best suited get your money back.

  • The Claim begins - 1 minutes

    We will send you a no win, no fee* agreement, allowing our legal partner to start the work on your case.

  • The claim process - 3 to 9 months

    Now your claim has officially begun against your lender. The legal team will provide regular updates as to where your case is up to. The time to settle varies massively from weeks to months, this depends on the claim type, the lender and if they accept liability right away.

  • Get your refund

    Once a settlement is agreed by both parties, you’ll receive your refund which a percentage of which will be retained by the legal team.

Keeping you in the loop...

The web app and online portal allows you to submit your claims with ease and receive realtime updates on where we’re up to… Got questions? its easy to reach out at any time. 

Check in anywhere, anytime

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