Business Energy Claim

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What is Business Energy Claims? A Business Energy Claim refers to the process where businesses seek compensation for being overcharged or mis-sold energy contracts by suppliers or brokers. This can include a variety of issues such as receiving incorrect rates, not learning about commissions included in the price, or entering into unfair contracts. The claims […]

Plevin claim

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A Plevin claim refers to a type of financial compensation claim in the UK that arose after a landmark court case in 2014. Here’s a detailed breakdown: What is a Plevin Claim? Susan Plevin named the Plevin claim after herself when she successfully argued that her lender had treated her unfairly by not disclosing the […]

Diesel Emissions Claim

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A Diesel Emissions Claim refers to legal actions that vehicle owners take against automotive manufacturers. These claims have arisen from allegations and subsequent findings that certain car manufacturers installed software in their diesel vehicles to manipulate emissions testing results. Often referred to as a “defeat device,” this software made the vehicles appear to meet environmental […]

No Win No Fee

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What is No Win No Fee? A No Win No Fee arrangement means you only pay if your claim is successful; otherwise, there’s no cost. It serves as the contract between you and your lawyer under these terms and commonly referred to as a conditional fee agreement. Costs of No Win No Fee? If your […]