All our claims

Missold Car Finance

The FCA discovered 92% of car finance agreements have been missold, are you owed money back?

Tenancy Deposit Claims

Recovering money for tenants who have been victim to tenancy deposit fraud

HMRC Tax Refunds

Don't overpay on tax, make sure you receive the money your due.

Housing Disrepair Claims

Any public housing tenants living in poor conditions could be due a lump some & free repairs.

Missold Pensions

Recover some compesation for any mis-sold SIPs that resulted in a loss of your pension.

Accidents at work

If you reported an accident at work that resulted in injury you could be due compensation

Diesel Emissions

If you owed or leased a diesel car, recover money for misleading diesel emissions data.

Credit Hire & Accident Claims

If you've been injured in a non-fault accident on the road we can help you recover compensation

Data Breach

Receive compensation for any breach of your information, wether medical records or financial information.

Medical Negligence

Recieve compensation for mistreatment or diagnosis across medical & dental.

Japanese Knotweed

Recoveing damages for lost home value due to the infestation of Japanese Knotweed

Plevin Claims

Claim back for high level commissions earned on PPI policies